Louise is the founder and Florist at Forget Me Knot Floristry. Qualified with a Professional Business of Floristry Diploma from the world-renowned Judith Blacklock Flower School in London, she combines technical skill with her love of colour, design and the countryside to create nature-inspired flowers for weddings and events nationwide.

I often get asked the question ‘when did your interest in Floristry start?’ and my memory always takes me back to final year at university when my gal-pals and I would curl up on the sofa in our ugly mismatched pajamas with our cups of tea and ‘share’ bags of chocolate and watch back-to-back episodes of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ and ‘Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress’ (when we probably should have been studying or applying for jobs). It was during this time that I recall thinking for the first time that ‘one day’, I’d be a Florist; as far-fetched an idea as that was for a girl who was about to graduate from business school with first class honours.

Nevertheless, it was around that time that I started my first Pinterest board, named it ‘From Bossy to Boss’ (my siblings used to say I was ‘bossy’ but I like to think I was just demonstrating leadership skills and signs I’d one day be my own boss!) and over the next few years, I’d add to it images of quaint little (usually French) Florist shops on cobbled street corners, with their bustling displays of seasonal blooms under stripey verandas and I’d fantasize about how lovely a life, ‘the florist’s life’ would be. I’d find myself retreating to my Pinterest board after a particularly stressful (or tedious) day at the office but I never really thought of it as anything more than a place to escape. It wasn’t until 5 years, 3 continents and several corporate jobs later that I finally stopped silencing the inner flower-fairy and mustered the courage to bring her to life; starting by quitting the corporate world and seeking out the necessary technical and hands-on training to set me up for my new career as a Florist.

When an unassuming phone-call to my best friend’s cousin (who’s an incredibly talented Wedding Florist in Derbyshire) turned into an opportunity to work with her on 10 weddings starting the following week, I could hardly believe my luck so without hesitation, I headed for the Peak District and stayed in ‘some guy off the internet’s’ spare room  (yay, I didn’t get murdered!) for the duration of my Floristry work experience, blogging every night about my adventures and developing what was to become, a strong and beautiful friendship with my mentor, Rebecca.

Fast forward to some years of hard work later and here I am, no longer just a dreamer but a dream-achiever with a funky little flower van, an online community of fabulous flower followers, a gorgeous part-time flower helper / full-time hubby-to-be (which reminds me, we really should be doing some wedding planning of our own!), and a growing portfolio of work from some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful weddings we’ve had the pleasure of working on over the past couple of years. A huge ‘THANKS’ to each and every couple that entrusted us with their special day so far and the same to those who’ve booked us for 2020 and beyond. Your faith in us means the world and without you we wouldn’t exist so much love to you all. Oh, and add to that, the most adorable little human we’ve created (Cillian J Prunty) in the past year a.k.a. Mummy’s Future Flower Deputy, there really are too many good things to thank our angels for. As we enter this new decade, we are beyond grateful and excited for the rest of this incredible adventure.

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Much love,

Lou x

January, 2020


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